I am a reasonable man and understand these days that the less you want, the more you actually gain. You will notice that I spend less time talking about politics and assembly and more time on here sharing what is personal to me, Damien. You might find I have something to share that could be useful to you, you might even get pissed at what I have to say every now and then. You might even find we got some things in common.
Above all, you will see the human in me, the man, the son, the father, the friend, the vet and all the imperfection that comes with me.... some randomn facts about me;

  • I came home from OEF war little over one year ago after a 438 day rotation.
  • I've been blogging in cyber since 2001.
  • I am a college graduate
  • Once married, once divorced
  • I do party
  • I've been writing down all my thoughts since 2004, when injuries I sustained during combat left me with no voice for almost two years.
  • Have a twin brother, and a younger sister and i am a pops

meh... more later maybe