Long Lost In Between

listen to somewhere breathing in me, the in between of all that is, and all that isn't.

help me stand still, just need a moment to take myself, away. As ashes fall to the ground, down to my last hit, im feeling my soul, its got a beat... somewhere there is a song my life holds very near... America is but a dream, but a dream my life can hear.

like portraits painted my thoughts can bear to stand alone, within my head i keep hung... say no words to describe the world i'm in, out loud i work, up close i smile, i wait for the sun, look away from the moon... a madness in the dark i found, a song inside my hands i fear... America is but a dream, but a dream my life can hear.

someone take me for a minute, away from here, just long enough to see ur world from my world, all the nothings in between, all un-found and all unseen. blow ur secrets in my way, give me a mad thought to unravel for the ol times sake... maybe just maybe, might even spin u around a few times, make u see things my way..... yes put my name on a prayer and send it away and i'll catch it with my heart and make a touchdown America.... u see my scars? they look for ways to find u here, in a place where a song plays in my ear.... America is but a dream, but a dream my life can hear.

think about the people who worry for me and i say never worry for me, fuck there goes my cigarette... raise my bet, im coming home, beneath the skies this broken man, fights inside a broken war, betting against all odds and more, but my broken will belongs to God. Therefore I repeat, home is but a frame of mind..... but to u i listen, and in u i see, a song that is playin for someone like me, in one eye u closing, in the other a tear.... Yes, America is but a dream, but a dream my life can hear.

Take ur chances, im a broken fall.... trapped inside an invisible wall. running for life, running for death, picture all the in-betweens in one long winded breath..... there is no transition, only survival.... a lonely thought in a crowded head, stepping carefully, very carefully in this world.... and i think about her, thinking about me.... i say if u gonna make mistakes just make em with me... and u will self-destruct in five, four, three, two... and in my heart, somewhere... yea somewhere in this wild heart, im hearing a song, a song that plays and its message is clear....... America is but a dream, but a dream my life can hear.


King's Ballad

She called out with her careless tongue, threw her hands above her jaded eyes as her broken smile fell beneath her and she cried for a ten.... in the kiss drawn from her naked lips, laid his burden, un-placed carefully upon her ring.... touched by her skin, and disguised as a King....

constellations reflecting, she placed her breath above the house.... mad stars flew over his head, he waited for a two, but got nothing instead.... where angels wait for the world to see, he bet all that he had and gave up his three......................

feel free to take what u think i have left.... instincts, blood, little bit of me goes a long way.... and a thousand more lives im gonna live by the end of this sentence.... just a man with a deck cards, i can outdraw ur aces in captivity... but meet me where the color accents of ur soul bleed into the black and white canvas of my mine and i'll show u how a beggar outlives his King... i've got no regrets, what ive lost, what ive gained is all and nothing strewn across the table of the frontline of my life, where my battles are no more won than they are lost, no more about the prize it is about the cost.... Here Here! i command u to forgive me *skip* ......... no, maybe i beg u

Paste ur hand-printed definitions on my wall as i fold my cards in front of u... im all about everything, all about nothing, truest ways of a broken kind im running... letting footprints on the ground lead as i move u frontwards, backwards, can u feel me from behind? yes im coming Queen of hearts, im coming, keep going..... fuck u blowin my mind.

Take somewhere beyond me, listen to the visions of a river gone un-dry.... behind that door u standing against, im all but fading, all but letting this crazy sand take me into the forever of a war gone lost.... hallways and cellars, windows without blinds... ive checked on all clocks, and i've un-set the times.... lookin for the man i used to be, but tryin to find the man i want to become... in this full house i wander infinite ranges of a life long gone, a life un-lived and a life on trade, but i'd risk it all with two twos if ive already paid

check u out, almost convinced me to play loose..... swinging atop this ball, above me im feeling an angel un-there... un-where? everywhere. dancing away from the song with no words, taking my thoughts and leaving the door open..... sometimes my blood runs cold and im left standing with no will to apologize, but the tears she paints and the smile she deconstructs has im sorry written all over my face..... and i am back where i started, at her feet.... my burden, un-placed carefully upon her ring... touched by her skin, and disguised as a King.