work in progress

i guess its easier to say
it's too late, you don't want me
guess you got your greener pastures
where i got three lines and a setting sun.

tell me where you learned to do that
was there ever a day you needed me?
or if your smile could have spoken true words -
would i have heard my own heart breaking, you see?

hey there don't you turn away
don't you want to see my life walk away?
walk away from me...

hey now baby talk to me
don't you want to tell me what you want to say?
"...Walk away from me"

Where'd You Go? Please come back home...

Aftermath of the Fallen Alter


this carries a name that bears the sudden conflict of smiles abound and the quiet that never lifted.

when times come that she chooses to cross my mind. she makes me turn away.

But she cannot conceal the fact that nothing remained unchanged after all.

not a ghost in my mind could mirror the encounters of her timeless kind. forces undone all hours i've collected in my hands

and her fantansies engraved at the end of each hour..

when i strike matches to burn the question of whether loss is not always what it seems.

and while i can feel my own heart beating i can only give her what breathing room i always had.

so that as she crosses, i cannot say she really left at all.

but rather brought each borrowed minute with her, and the only bitter cold and sweet sunshine i will ever feel

of her again.