Thankfully i got people in my life who love me for me... im not everything u made me out to be, what u claim to know and what u claim to see....

i refuse to live beneath the surface of ur eyes, where u hold no reasons to love and forgive beyond urself... ur words ur actions, turned the corners of this careless mind, i see that i am everything u ever wanted and nothing u could accept... that i am nothing u ever wanted and still couldn't let go of.... todays a good day to repaint the walls of my memory in black, hang my pride in the same place u tried hangin my balls.... lay this room in the ground of my soul and pray that in u, a rose emerges where all the black consumes u now..........

Should have known

That eventually

I'd be standing alone

Wondering, asking

Where the helld u go...

Even long before now

I began searching for u

Same person I once knew

I waited... hoped, got used to

Ur cold shoulders, thinkin this aint love

but i loved, i tried.... I fought fuckin fears for u...

Only to discover I wasn't enough

And as my vision clears I'm seein that

Maybe I was nothing at all....

Not going to cry, even here

I have my pride, I got myself...

Life doesn't say much about

Losing hands although... funny how u left me holding

This empty nothing.... broken promises aint nothing new

Just remember i loved... tried.... broke my fucking heart for u

have a great life and i wish u nothing but the best. get right.


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