About me.


- i never had a bucket list. but i do got a things to do list from 2007 that i haven't touched since i wrote it.

- im generally a cheery fucker.

- i was recently enlightened to the idea that i get what i vibrate. i can only understand it when i look at it like karma's crazy cousin. the bi-polar one.

- sham-wow was my idea. i just can't prove it.

- i believe in angels. i know there's a god. and i am respectful of everybody who disagrees until they try and change my mind.

- i don't mean to brag, but i've survived about five raptures.


- im not too proud to say that there are things i would go back and do over.

- ok. yea. i was that kid who got his head stuck between two wrought iron bars at the mall.

- i once owned Castle Grayskull.

- when i was single i was notorious for the drunk dial.


- i tend to want to share anything i have. i believe this might come from having to split everything in twos when i was growing up.

- i go very quiet for some reason when a pretty woman touches my hands.

- if it lights up then there's no hope for me. i will take it apart.

- i'm aware that i swear too much. but the world would go silent if i ever tried to stop.

- im getting used to people noticing my trachea scar and asking about it. but hey, i hear scars are the new tattoos...

- sometimes i think too much, so it go without saying that the sky is the limit when it comes to sexual fantasies.

- despite the invisible walls around me that seem to intimidate people my age, some shit don't change. im a fuckin kid magnet.

- im a habitual flirt. sorry if i ever took a stab at u.


- if you have ever told me off and u are reading this, i think ur special or u just know way too much to just cut loose like a fuckin wild horse.

- i'm the kind of head that will brighten ur day even if i can't brighten my own.

- it doesn't matter who u are. don't matter if its innocent. if u say words like head, hairy, squirt, hole and glory, i will laugh until it hurts.

- if u tell me u love me when im angry i will usually fight back.

- 99% of the time i do care. even when i pretend not to.

- i'm just not one of those that settles for a weak character. therefore i got my share of haters and i got those i don't get along with, on and offline.


- if i got cookies around i will skip a full course meal and go for the cookie instead.

- i randomly become lactose intolerant. still havent figured out exactly why it strikes and no i dont want to know.

- if it starts with a 't' and ends in a 'les' or 'ines' fuck that. i wont eat it. i'll take a cookie.

- i dont think i will ever eat that egg and tomato sandwich that rita made me on tuesday. why is it still sitting in my fridge? i got hard time letting go of shit these days. or i'll get around to it eventually.

- Cinnamon Toast Crunch once held a special place in my heart until i puked it for two straight days. i think the milk was bad.


- i am my own worst enemy sometimes.

- i've been accused of being oversexed. i'm guilty.

- i'm territorial. not jealous. territorial.

- its not as hard for me to see life for what it is these days...

- 99% of the time when i hear the word 'no', i take it as a sign for 'try again tomorrow'.

- i'm very open about myself even when my intentions are to not be.

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