Sincerely, Me


it seems like forever and a day since you gave me a real chance to talk to you. Although time keeps passing, there really isn't a minute that goes by that i don't think about you, at least wonder how you are feeling, and
where life is taking you.

Don't think that since we never cross paths anymore that I don't ask myself how much or just how little I must have meant to you. But knowing me, better than I will ever know you, the pain i feel now will someday subside, and I will hope yours does too.

The point of true friendship is rarely achieved in this world anymore. I am a marine, I see the differene all the time. Perhaps it is because, in this day of the disposable age, we so often forget that the ones we honor by calling friend should always, wherever and whenever possible,
remain indispensible...

I tried to warn you I was far from the visions you believed, of the "perfect" me. But you treated me as though it never mattered, and I grew to trust and love you as though it did. Maybe the novelty wore off, and with it,
your patience. Maybe...

Personally, I think your life just got a hell of a lot better almost instantly, and therefore my timing for human error, fatal.
But no spot-on shot in the dark can really answer the one question I will always have; if you truly loved me, when was there ever a good time to throw me away?

Nonetheless. I have faith that you had your reasons for leaving me behind. And i just would like to say that it doesn't mean
I ever left you.

And as you move forward, I do hope that you will care enough to know
I think of you. And in all of your success, I do hope it will be plain to see that I prayed for you.


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