pieces of my life; love or faith.

i hold onto the simple things in life. i rarely fear the empty spaces inside my heart so long as i don't take for granted the peace and quiet of the shallow contentment. and while all move about; above me, underneath.. i observe more than my eyes can see alone. and watch as those who already know go on, as those who still question, find answers. and amongst my own angels and demons i roam to find my own. and feel ur eyes watching me.

my instincts take all leads. and i hold my silence against the thoughtless whispers of the outspoken kind. understanding is but a casual encounter for u, but for the cheap thrill of every indifferent bargain, i stand up to speak alone. since the day i was born. i lead. u follow.

i make my message plain. in no particular order im everything u see, and according to the trust i hold in u, u may stand part witness to a broken man half saved and half doomed. yes, in the grand city of restoring wayward ways my heart is still a sidewalk. that constant work in progress completely visible to all who pass me by. but never left to be conquered by any lesser than the common denominator between u and i; yes half saved and half doomed. so the believer in me may only reflect as much light as the believer in u. characterized by my shit-eatin grin, holding on easy, but slowly letting go...

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