Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts I raise your bet. I have nothing left to gamble, only my humanity as you can see. Give me some time to stare up my ceiling as my thoughts lost in your translation force this cigarette to burn alone.. slowly and without a breath only the sound of the background music in my soul.......

Sure I'll unlace that for you... don't mind my hunger just keep your cards where I can see em. I am only a man, a horrible pretender, but will no doubt keep my poker face as you shred me and canvas everything that makes me, well, me... and explore the man I used to be.
Say nothing of the man I should become as I am still lost in this moment.

Once a number, now a face... I ask you whos mask are you looking to unveil at this table in life, mine or yours...... Regret not my straight-forwardness as I have done more changing in my quest for finding myself as I have in ever refusing to see myself for what I really am. Goes to show that the House holds more to win than what you are willing to bet in your hand sometimes.

I'm freeing myself for you to see... the imperfection, the details.. the fine print one letter at a time.. may your heart never grow fond of me, as I am a man willing to bet only for what he is willing to lose. I've seen his blood shed another's blood. I've witnessed his insincts remain silent in the corners of the ultimate entrapment of lost war, lost love and lost discipline... I proclaim, not all of my lessons have been lost in the deck,Queen of Hearts. Anymore I only strive to recognize the beauty of my wild cards.

I have killed and have been killed a thousand times, only to find one more Ace up my sleeve... as I was praying only for my loss to go fast as fast I can run in one mile I prayed... these have been my blessings, one hand at a time... and only one time every time so I go not from my convictions mad these days...

Here I stare up at the ceiling in the moment of you. In the moment of gamble as I take you there with me .... faces of strangers in a familiar place I emplore you to have a seat and straddle as slowly as your love can bear to stand it. For I am only a man and don't mind having my cake.. having my death...... having your hand and having all to take with me as I give you all I have. See my humanity and see I am not only your soldier, I am your gambler.


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