the operation in marjah is not so much a focus on battle more than it is a focus to restore.. restore order, restore freedom and drive out the taliban, whose only focus is to terrorize. What is there NOT to support about that?

I'm way too honest in my humble opinion as a soldier. My job is to do what I am told and nobody understands what that signifies like my fellow soldiers. My only real friends. I get a lot of mail expressing hate and disgust for what it is we're doing. Most of it is from those who enjoy all the benefits of our long history of war. Am I really supposed to believe that you hate me?? Is that really what you want me to believe? I tell you this when you ask me "why are we at war in the first place?" I say the United States Marine Corps is at war, America is at the fuckin mall.. and what you choose to judge me personally with is no more to my soul than garbage in garbage out.

We came across seven IEDs this morning... Thank God for unchartered terrain is all ima say about that... They are getting bigger and more frequent than I seem to recall from before. Maybe I just been gone too long.... Taliban can't be doing this forever, sooner or later they gonna have to stay put and fight and nobody knows when that will be but this fucker feel a storm coming... and my gut never lies to me. As I said, this is not about a battle so much as it is about restoration, building... however under everybody's watch their will be casualties there will be blood and my heart goes out to the civilians who have paid the price in the name of Lost War. May God hand you more than an eternity in peace, may he unite you with the dead children whos mothers and fathers remain alive and walking tonight. s/o

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