most of the hard work here has been completed. The last of the few major taliban pockets have been driven out and so far its been pretty uneventful... but our job is not to leave this place in the condition its in theres still a lot of progress to make with the afghan army and to help them organize their objectives as a force, and I will move on as quickly as I rode in. I've been asked if i get to go home right after this is and my answer is no. After I'm relieved of this assignment my next stop will be about 400 meters away from here..... the most I will say about what it is that I do exactly is that it is in the Black.

I got to talk to mali when i got back earlier. My truck is in her hands now.... lord help us lol.... my mom going to a baby shower and my brother is on his way over here on a different mission, so i do pray that they all get to where they going and also pray that this progress made here continues as its intended to.
The towns people here have a very simple yet quality way of living, believing and working. In spirit, I can see myself blending in. Yet, if my spirit could talk in World, it would say ' get me the fuck out of here let me go just let me go i say... ' With the US Army Striker Battalion pulling in, and aside from the strong caution that still needs to be implemented, most of us are hoping to say this was a relatively successful mission. DSM

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