With Her Hands...

Below heaven and just above Earth, I'm seeing the stars, the stars you painted
With your own hands..... I sit and watch with no light of this moon, but rather, the light of your words, scrolled in your signature... i tell you once again, take me somewhere from this place, this no man's land.... above me, i feel... what you do with your hands.

Below Heaven and just above Earth, there's an echoe whisper, within the walls built around me, built too high for all, but not too high for you. For you know the in's and out's of this empire, you just don't know the way out.... So under this light I close my eyes, and hear what I want, selfish, I know... the things you make me do with your hands....

Tragedies below Heaven, just above Earth, this hand I give to you, my Queen of Hearts.... for my hands are more than what belong in yours, they are the psalm of this unclosed book, about a broken man, a broken heart, fighting inside a broken war, betting against all odds and more....
Take it, show me, those hands you say, above my head these strings you play, the soundtrack to my escape...... Hear me now you are no match here where blood seems to fall where it may, less the chips.... with your hands, rub your eyes and see what i drew on the ground, a full house, a crumbling empire, no.... for the gambler in me does not chance according to weather, i give freely to you, give u me... rather, its the soldier in me whos heart can reach ten degrees, u see... as cold as ice this blood can be, to cope, to leave what's left of me intact, when broken love's all said and done u see... but this u may not wonder, for you hurt the way i hurt, with invisible tears for an unreal pain, without the need to let it show.... Queen of Hearts does your heart know?

This hand I give you, take it, fold it, and play me blind, but we shall make no razordate with our sins... rather, just let me unlace that for you, and to sin, we shall drink up one shot for every time you make me lose my concentration... on this table you will be, in my hands, in front of my eyes, where this place takes no losing hands, only sanctifies em.... tragedies below Heaven, just above Earth...

manage to find me, looking for you, somewhere in between your world and mine, swinging thru ur chaos, raising my blood sugar, breaking all empires in the name of freedom, and rising all choirs, in the name of My Freedom, this broken man, all of a sudden isnt broken standing in your hands.... with those hands, u make me know, that there is indeed a rare beauty to some tragedies below Heaven tonight, just above Earth.


  1. i had to come back here. to look. to relive

  2. The secret inside, a place that still exists

  3. its no longer a secret. its a part of me that, if taken, i would cease to live. its a vital part to the way i walk, and talk, and breathe... and love.
    its the reason why i carry on, its the reason why i hurt... its the reason why i don't just live,
    but live for you.