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so gone , so gone u think but i know... i know im not so gone i cant think u in my way sometimes, watch me as i hit this, in ur name, somewhere here.... sadness came....... tell me you, tell me what it is i can do... yea tell me it aint easy, but tell me..... tell me its easier to understand... when nothing else matters theres you the cake, there is you the death and then there is, you, my everything... my nothing....... all kept untelling in a sepia-toned thought, perhaps to stay, perhaps to go up, maybe go down, but never do u leave me to manage the multi-layered chaos of crowded thoughts alone... u are more than a friend, ur my accomplice.... so to the best here i give u me, a secret larger than life, stealth along side your world, but here in front of all, rivers and streams.... here me now im sayin not everything is as it seems *hits_cig* fuck sugary philosophy i say....... a true wise man is more willing to attempt the absurd so that he can acheive the impossible... or at least be able to say he tried

so watch me take this broken heart and ima show u broken man... but hear me bet its beating parts and ur seeing the gambler... yes i said i wanted to be heard, i gotta message tonight, watching the moon watching me,hearing more than i can see... the sun will come... this is the best part of my nights but come the morning i know.... i'll only stand here wishing the sun could deliver more than one message... as my feet will move beyond barriers and run across great divides shooting my will to outlive all and saving my last real breath for the last real fight... in 600 rounds per minute- yes take down this message..... bring u peace, peace into me... and ill bring to u, same fucka u know, somewhere i am, somewhere i'll go.... can't say i regret, nor do i wish against the change of time... just take me for who i am, as u are and as u came... for what i give u is free, free to u, not to me......therefore i say, say again... id rather be there, with my Queen and a Three.

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  1. That's some heavy heavy shit there Damien. Intriguing! I'm feeling ya.