Peace, Love, Pianos (written in 2008)

Life can't be all peace, love, pianos.... at times u will have ur peace with ur humble pie, other times you will have a little love corrupted... and of course, pianos play destiny and the keys will miss a beat when you stand up to sing... so, stand up and sing.

Kiss me goodbye just don't let me go. The peace will come when I am gone... Hit my cigarette after we cross that bridge. The smoke rings in front of us will fade even tho the love still lingers... Give some regard to distance when ur eyes can't see a destination. Here, pianos will lead you to a place that only time told.... so stand up and sing.

Offer ur shoulder to all, love freely, for peace comes invited when the door to your heart is open. Love magic only if the magic is free. And destiny will play in the madness of one piano, two piano three piano four... hear me now stand up, sing and cry no more.

As I am somewhere between ur thoughts and nowhere in your sight, keep peace in ur watch, for that peace was my fight. As you walk your walk, love the walk, love in the world what the world won't love back, and play destiny for all with missing keys and as always, watch out for falling pianos... playin destiny.. just playin destiny.... stand up and sing, stand up and sing i say.

Life can't be all peace, love, pianos.....

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