damien do you believe in angels?

angels... of all things i can assume, believe... suppose my answer is yes, firmly. of course i believe in angels.
and when u call me an angel of course i do not believe u.

there are light angels and dark angels.. fuckers here have to believe there are angels.... better the devil u kno in helmand than in ur heart - DSM

'i should be crying but i just cant let that show'

light angels, there are many... got the most commonly known; gardianship, mercy, sacrament... then u got others, thousands of others.... with gifts, functions that serve god's purpose and his alone, not man's. they guide (gen 24:7-40) they protect (psalm 34:7). and they comfort (acts 27:24)
got ur cherubim, seriphim, and yes, then u got ur archangels... another time kid.

'i should be here but i just can't let me show'

dark angels, also known as fallen angels (jude 6)... there is no 'half truth' to their name... these angels were created once in heaven, rebelled against god, and cast down from heaven... they also known as demons. they serve only the works of the devil, who was once lucifer, and became called satan, 'the prince' of fallen angels (ezekiel 28: 12-15).

angels can take the form of humans (hebrews 13:2). although they are not human. they are immortal (luke 20:36), they are innumerable (hebrew 12:24), and their basic characteristics are not what the world has altered in perception and passed down throughout the generations, is not what u see on christmas cards once a year, posses no arrows intended for the unsuspecting heart in cold februaries. is not what society knows as... angels...

'i should be giving but i just cant let me go'

they are divinely created,formed with wings, yes, but uniquely constructed according to their ministry, their purpose in which they carry out god's primary instructions...
not here to be found nor glorified, misconceived. but here to find u, and give u a msg....

of course i do not believe u i said.. im only a man.

'i should be falling but i just can't fall no more'


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