lessons learned sometimes

sometimes whatever it is, its going to look scarier than it really was meant to be

and sometimes, ur instincts won't be able to tell

but sometimes u are going to just know better when a friend kisses u, theres no going back... even on monday, tuesday, reality... even when the best philosophies sound better. even when the church is empty yes even when the fuckin chairs are on the ceiling i say u just goin to kno better

sometimes maybe is the right answer, and remembering will have to do.

sometimes ur gun is going to jam. and u will say nothing. i'll to u now do not surrender. against all opposition, just before that clear cut ending there is still a two thousand lb bear left inside everybody...

sometimes the cost is going to go up on u, in some places where money doesnt exist.

and sometimes u goin to feel like just giving it away, until there is nothing left of it

sometimes i hate u is no different than i love u, just a different line of bullshit...

sometimes too much is what u really need

sometimes u won't really feel that bullet in the back, but then again, u knew better...

and sometimes its just ur turn, u see

sometimes its too late to apologize, even when u apologizing to me

sometimes u going to let go for good, and the reason -

why... why what. u see sometimes u not ever going to kno why.

but sometimes, torn and burned, u will ask urself out loud anyway and i will tell u all about my lessons learned

sometimes, good people just get rabies.


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