darkness i heard u

walk with me... some people are so fucked up.
i have nothing but the broken path i lead. but even that in which i lead your feet pay no price so, just come with me. i got pieces of a heart that rarely bleeds your color of red, but u have seen how they manage, and find no reason to fight the demons in my way. and my heart, though undivided, is only willing to fuck, and fight, and fuck some more, for what is rightfully not mine..... cuz unlike u, she breathes for me.

man of a complicated life, maybe many. but more willing to risk it all on a dime, and for what u might ask. figure nothing, forget it all u see, ur understanding is not mine to gain but i will raise ur cheap assumptions, drink to the bottom of your judgment and still bet the fuckin house u have only a heart made of stone to bargain with, not flesh. so keep ur give a damn i got mine.

and in all that we stand for i paid for ur freedom and fear not the thrill of free-falling. for all ur hate in me alone, will craft the cage that breaks ur fall (here we go) and accordingly where u seek clarity in others u will think of me.
where ur granted forgiveness.
and especially where u are not.
u will think of me.
when those who give.
suddenly take away.
u will think of me.
and when u dream.
dream impossible.
impossible things and yes.
there i'll be....

now come sit with me.
pay no attention to the things i kno now. the dust will break, and settle in broken time and... i take back no prayer, i knelt for u. but for one infinite moment let us find ourselves at the beginning. where u told me that a true man was all i had to be. i let u close enough, to ask of invisible scars and hear pain that i speak in languages my tongue cannot interpret, and u still sang to me... i got close enough, to see u love others and i asked u, why me. and the tears u shed, though not from ur eyes they fell from the sky... cuz i failed. and i trusted u. i guess just to be good to me... and now let me ask, afterall u had spoken, which one of your faces was talking to me.

a man with no fault, no. in fact, when i said broken, u should have listened to me. but i took my punches and i'm no stranger to the mountains of lies that can fester in between. but u, beyond the blame that i've inherited of those who crossed u before me, there is the absense of ur loyalty... u also took the pieces i did not have. and like a self-inflicted gunshot to my own heart in place of yours i laid in their bed for u, and cry their tears for u, and i paid their price for u... and without one thought for recourse i let you fall back into my hands where i forgave u anyway. and by no human devices of my own i have lived and i have learned and i will not go down with you i would rather walk and simply claim this loss. but u can't ever say i let u down.
and may god help u as i walk on without u and u give ur thoughts away. u will never again underestimate the power


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