what is the holy bible

this answer is over a year late. better late than... im sorry its late

first, a little about me. i prefer to call it the scriptures.

simply put, the holy bible is a compilation of instruction and guidance written by the hand of men, specifically chosen and divinely inspired by God himself, and given to the world.
the holy bible is god's revelation of himself to man, and the passages inscribed, are authored by god himself, and they reveal the principles by which god judges us, reveals the way and truth to eternal salvation of the human soul and without any mixture of error, extends his command for all human conduct, creeds and is the testimony of his attitude toward all men.


should be noted that all scripture is documented in the name of Christ, who is Himself the focus of divine revelation.

i am too lazy to cite my sources, all of which consist of various passages of the bible. take it or leave it i dont care anymore

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